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during this 40 years we try to have large—scale of petrochemical products. so we could become the largest petrochemical in middle east. we try to reach to the markets write my essay of our neighborhood and also middle east markets and make it our own.

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The Moheb R&D group is constantly reaching out to the latest technology in order to increase production quality with the maximum efficiency. Moheb group plans to investigate the production requirements of Fumaric acid, Maleic acid and saturated polyester resins.

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this company was the first producer of phenolic moulding power and novolak resin. then this company changes its way for producing P.V.C plasticizers, such as D.O.P.then our R&D group work on the possibilities of producing other plasticizers such as D.B.P,D.I.B.P,D.O.A …

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Moheb Industrial Group was founded in 1975 with the purpose of manufacturing Bakelite molding powder (electric- industrial – home appliances) and in 1979 started producing Novolak resin and Bakelite powder due to the lack of Bakelite powder manufacture in affordable papers the country and managed to produce it of high quality with the fully Iranian technical knowledge.

Moheb group took a major step in advancing its policies by establishing Ravangard grammar co. and managed to produce plasticizers.

In 1996 Ravangard grammar co. was established. The initial objective of its establishment was manufactering PVC plasticizers and it was met by utilization of D.O.P production lines with nominal capacity of 28000 tons per year in 1997 with completely indigenous technology.

With efforts of capable Iranian engineers this group managed to maufacture other plasticizers (D.I.B.P/DBP/DOA) with nominal capacity of 10000 tons per year in 2004.

In order to expand its activities and expand its product range, The Moheb founded Movaledan chimi co.in 2001.

The initial objective of the establishment of Movalledan chimi co. was increasing production capacity of PVC plasticizers and it was met by utilization of D.O.P production lines with nominal capacity of 40000 tons per year in 2002.

In order to develop its production activities as petrochemical unit the company decided to launch a production line of phthalic anhydride which not only provided itself with the product but also met the needs of alkyd resin and polyester resin production lines. And finally by God’s will this target was met in 2007 and the exporting of the product started immediately.

The unit, located 15 kilometers from the city of Qom, with a nominal capacity of 30,000 tons of phthalic anhydride, is the first and largest producer of phthalic anhydride in the private sector in the country.

In addition, the quality Compliance of the material with international standards has accounted for a share of the chemical markets in the region.

with the efforts of Iranian engineers and the use of national resources The moheb industrial managed to produce engineering plastics (HIPS / GPPS) in 2007.

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