High impact polystyrene, or HIPS, is a versatile plastic resin used in the manufacture of numerous products. Easy to fabricate, this resilient material costs little to produce and offers applications in many industries. Its physical properties permit flexible machining and surface applications such as paints and adhesives. The material can be used as packaging filler, pressed into board, molded into products, or delivered on sheets or rolls. Its characteristic dimensional stability permits it to be employed in low strength construction and in its natural translucent form makes it suitable for food processing applications.

Produced by a process of thermoforming, high impact polystyrene products can be constructed with mechanical fasteners or through the use of adhesives and solvents. Grades used for printing are found in processes including screen-printing, flexography, and offset lithography. In the home, it appears in ceiling tiles, insulation, and kitchen utensils. Commercial applications include shop displays, placards, and banners. It provides a more durable alternative to poster paper for craft projects.

Other properties of high impact polystyrene include heat resistance and durability to temperatures well below freezing

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